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Sales Tax Taxability Studies

In general, tangible products are taxable in all states with sales tax laws. However, taxability of different groups of services varies by category and by state. Such group of services as staging, delivery, installation, project management, professional services, hardware and software maintenance have different tax treatment. Taxability varies by industry that you in, what and how the services are delivered and state where they are performed. Standing a part is also electronically delivered software which taxability varies by state.

Taxability rules changes frequently and it is important to research taxability of different services you company perform at least once a year. If you encounter a sales tax audit and it is discovered that you did not charged tax on taxable services your company will be responsible for uncollected tax, penalties and interest. The larger are your sales the larger is the risk associated with uncollected sales tax on services.

Protect yourself and order a taxability study done. We will research tax statutes, regulations, court cases and rulings and provide you with taxability matrix for categories of services and states in question.

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Thanks to Sales Tax Accountants our company was able to avoid an expensive audit and save tens of thousands
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