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Sales Tax Compliance

Sales and Use tax has become very complex and confusing for average business owner and especially for companies doing business nationwide. We believe that timely filing and remittance of tax is just as important as paying your employees payroll taxes. We'll prepare and file all of your sales & use tax returns accurately and timely in all 50 states. Filing sales & use tax can be extremely challenging, but it's what we do, so we know how to expertly navigate through tax forms and tax language. Because we focus on sales & use tax regulation, we can make a "taxing" experience easier on your business.

Tax compliance is an ever changing, lengthy and complex business. With states audits on the rise we will have you compliant with current laws across US and protect your assets. Since Sales & Use tax rules and rates change monthly we stay on top of all changes and will be able to provide up to date accurate advice on sales tax question or issue. We work with the state to resolve non-compliance issues reducing your potential tax liabilities, penalty and interest.

We tailor our services to fit your specific needs. No matter what format your accounting software utilizes, we can handle it. Whether you provide us paper documents, large databases, excel files or text files, we'll take care of it. Whether you're an established business or just starting out, we have your solution. We'll provide timely and accurate reporting and make it easy for you to understand and manage.

Let us be your tax expert and rest assured that your sales tax obligations are expertly fulfilled. We make tax filing easy! Contact us for sales tax services in Atlanta and other areas today!


  • Sales&Use Tax Returns Preparation and Payments
  • Tax Rates Set up and Updates
  • Exemption/Resale Certificates Databases



Sales Tax Consulting

Sales Tax Accountants offers a full range of sales tax consulting services. We understand that assignments such as sales tax compliance check, service taxability study or tax audit are very time sensitive. We can quickly provide experienced sales tax consultants to your company engagements. We have consultants with CPA credentials available in any part of US to come and work in your office. Alternately many companies prefer to handle engagements at our offices. That is especially common with sales tax audits. We have a track record successfully serving companies in storefront and online retail, contracting, manufacturing, hospitality, banking, software companies and more. Some engagements that we often perform are in the following areas:


  • Nexus Determination
  • New State Registrations
  • Product and Services Taxability Studies
  • Exemption Certificate Service
  • Prior Periods Review
  • Audit Defense
  • Voluntary Disclosure

Contact us for sales tax services in Atlanta and other areas today!


Sales Tax Audit Defense

The purpose of a sales tax audit is to determine if the taxpayer is paying the correct amount of sales tax to the State. The audit is used to promote compliance with tax laws, and as a means of increasing State revenue. As part of the ordinary course of business, most companies eventually will undergo a sales and use tax audit. Most auditors are professional and even friendly but please don't mistake that professionalism for being your friend. While few auditors will admit it, their primary goal is to issue a substantial sales and use tax assessment. Sales tax auditors frequently think that businesses cheat or at least intentionally try to skirt the sales tax law. They begin most audits with the attitude of trying to determine how much the business owes, not whether or not the business owes anything. Should the auditor find a transaction that the Company erroneously paid tax on, it is doubtful they will let you know about the overpayment. It is our mission to see that your business is treated fairly on a sales and use tax audit. We help insure that gray areas in the sales tax law are interpreted in your favor. We also defend you against the sales tax auditor making unfair assumptions or erroneous projections about your business's revenue. While it is wrong to intentionally underpay one's taxes, it is also wrong for the government to excessively tax a business simply as a matter of convenience or to balance a budget. We help you to minimize tax liabilities of sales tax audit and in some instances produce a refund of tax overpaid.

We assist you with following audit related tasks:

  • Pre-Audit Review of Your Books & Records
  • Sales & Use Tax Audit Defense
  • Prior Periods Resolutions
  • Overpayments Recovery



Why Choose Us?


  • Experience. Dedication to Our Clients and Unique Tax Needs. Our tax staff lead by a CPA has more than 45 years of experience combined dealing with sales taxes nationwide. Tax associates remain assigned to client accounts for years. Our staff turn over is close to zero. This helps us to learn your business and tailor our services to your unique needs.
  • Quick Response. Once you ask a question, competent respond will come at lighting speed delivering relevant information/solution. Our tax associates trained to respond to you the day of our inquiry.
  • We have paperless office. We use the latest technology keeping all documents in digital form in secure databases. With a few exceptions we take away a burden from you to mail and maintain paper copies of sales tax returns and reports. Once any documents are needed you can easily download them and print them from our secure online server.
  • Time sensitive. All returns are filed timely, otherwise penalties are on us!
  • Low cost and Stable Pricing. We continuously improve our sales&use tax preparation process. We do not offer intro prices or sharply raise rates once we establish the relationship. Our annual prices raises if any, barely keep up with the inflation.


Thanks to Sales Tax Accountants our company was able to avoid an expensive audit and save tens of thousands
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