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Our customers sales teams frequently asks us what is the tax rate so they can specify dollar amounts in their quote and proposal. It is not that black and white as one may think. There are a number of factors sales tax rate depends on. One is when and where the tile and risk of loss pass to the customer. Two is what is being sold (e.g. tangible product, services, maintenance agreement). Three is ship to address of this customer.

Tax rate may vary by customer being inside or outside city limits. Some jurisdictions change tax rates monthly so it is 7% now, it may be 7.5% next month. It is critical to monitor sales tax rates for all tax jurisdictions monthly and update your billing software accordingly.

We can provide you with rates changes updates or calculate tax on specific orders for you. The choice is yours. Sales Tax Accountants can also advise you what products and services are taxable and whether customer’s exemption certificate is valid for exempt sale.

Thanks to Sales Tax Accountants our company was able to avoid an expensive audit and save tens of thousands
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