Sales Tax Prior Periods Resolution

We see on day to day basis all kind of sales tax issues that happen to companies. Many times those issues relate to prior sales & use tax periods. Some companies do not collect tax and realize it years after. Some companies collect and remit tax to the wrong state or jurisdiction. Some companies charge or self-accrue sales tax but do not remit.

We can assess your situation and get you on the path of doing it correctly in future periods. We can also provide you with action plan on how to fix prior periods issues without states raising red flags and going after your company. If you find it beneficial to go with a voluntary disclosure or tax amnesty program we can serve as intermediary between you and the state and negotiate your package without exposing yourself.

We have been very successful in negotiating limited periods look-back and waiver of penalties saving companies thousands of dollars. Contact Sales Tax Accountants today for initial free sales tax assessment over the phone.

  • Prior Period Sales Tax Review
  • Correct the course sales tax guidance
  • Action plan on resolving prior periods
  • Penalties and limited periods look-back negotiation

Please also read article: Multistate Businesses Voluntary Disclosure Agreements and Tax Amnesty.

You Missed the Tax Amnesty? Complete a VDA.

Thanks to Sales Tax Accountants our company was able to avoid an expensive audit and save tens of thousands
James Turner - Retail Supply Services

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