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Preparing your own returns by hand or via spreadsheets can be long and tedious process and it repeats itself each month. It is not error prone and more difficult as number of returns increase. And if you start sell products and installation services in states like Alabama, Louisiana or Arizona it become a compliance nightmare.  You have to file separate local returns if each jurisdiction you only have sold once and may never sell again.

We use latest sales tax preparation software that handles all state and local jurisdictions in US. It helps us to process your returns quickly and easily and as a result at a very low cost. Once we’ve done the initial set up you will send us a sales tax report or data file each month and we will do the rest! We file returns electronically in all jurisdictions that allow that and provide you with a digital copy of all returns on secured and protected server.

Sales Tax filing and payment due date for most of the states is 20th of following month. You are likely aware that if you miss that deadline even by one day states access 15-25% penalty instantly. That means that if you did not remit $50,000 of tax timely you would owe $7,500-12,500 additional payment out of your company pocket. You may as well pay us for a  low cost complete filing and payment remitting service and save money! We remit sales tax electronically at the time of filing and provide copies of all tax remittances. There would be no need to issue paper checks. That would reduce turn around time and eliminate checks lost in the mail.

Please contact Sales Tax Accountants today for quick, no obligation quote on sales tax preparation services.

As a part of sales tax preparation and filing service we perform:

•    Data review and validation
•    Returns preparation
•    Electronic filing
•    Payment Remittance
•    Standard and Custom Reports

Thanks to Sales Tax Accountants our company was able to avoid an expensive audit and save tens of thousands
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