Blog Tax News Raleigh dress-shop owner kept $68,000 in sales tax, state charges

Raleigh dress-shop owner kept $68,000 in sales tax, state charges

RALEIGH, NC. The owner of a store selling prom gowns and cocktail dresses in Triangle Town Center was charged by State Department of Revenue agents Thursday with not turning in almost $68,000 in state and Wake County sales tax since from 2011 through 2014. Anh Van Shepard, 49, of 12132 Pawleys Mill Circle in Raleigh, surrendered at the Wake County Detention Center. She was released on $121,000 bail. In addition to four counts of embezzling state sales tax and three counts of county sales tax, Shepard was also accused of embezzlement as an official responsible for state funds and with failing to file and pay income tax. ADVERTISING Arrest warrants cite $53,969.56 in state sales tax for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 that was collected on sales of the high-end dresses and gowns sold in the shop but did not reach the state. They list $13,967.77 that the agents said should have gone to the county. Shepard is listed on 2015 incorporation papers for Chic Prom LLC as Anna. That limited-liability corporation was formed in October 2015, according to online records kept by the secretary of state. It changed its name to Chique Prom LLC earlier this year. The earliest period listed in the warrants began on Jan. 1, 2011, but it was unclear what form of business Shepard had then. She was listed as the agent for a corporation called D.B. & F Inc. that was formed in 2003 and dissolved in 2009. In all the arrest warrants, agents listed Shepard as the “owner and responsible person” of Chique Prom.
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