Blog Tax News Car Dealer Failed to Send in More Than $35,000 in Sales Tax to the State

Car Dealer Failed to Send in More Than $35,000 in Sales Tax to the State

SNAKE SPRING TWP., Bedford Co. Pa.-- An empty lot is all that remains of Tony Roy Auto Sales in Snake Spring Township in Bedford County. The dealership closed shortly after police launched a lengthy investigation into its owner, Anthony Roy. According to court documents, Roy sold vehicles to more than two dozen people, but police said he never sent the money to the finance companies so the customers could receive their titles. Police said he also failed to send in more than $35,000 in sales tax to the state, and they said he altered the price on several vehicles in order to lower the taxable amount. Police said he also sold nearly two dozen fake warranties. Joy Salata of Alum Bank was one of the victims. "I was really shocked. I am just really surprised he did something like that because he has nice cars down there,” said Salata. Nearly a year ago, Salata purchased a 2007 Nissan Murano from Tony Roy Auto Sales. Two months later, she experienced car problems, making her glad that she purchased the extended warranty for a little less $2,000. "The sensor went out on one of the wheels, and I called a warranty company, and I found out they said there was no car registered even with titles,” Salata said. Salata took her car into the repair shop for an estimate, but according her the repairs were too costly for her to afford. One month later, she was contacted by state police about the investigation and could not believe that the business owner who helped her out twice is facing serious charges. “I had purchased a vehicle from him a year older, and they helped me out,” Salata said.
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