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Sales taxes are imposed only on taxable transfers of property or services.  Tax due is computed as the sales tax rate times the taxable transaction value. Rates vary by state, and by locality within a state. Sales tax is a transaction tax but not all types of transfers are taxable. The tax may be imposed on sales to consumers and to businesses. All states exempt certain types of goods from sales and use tax. Those states that tax services tax only certain services. Some states tax certain types of property rentals. Most transfers of intangible property are not subject to sales tax. Definitions become critical. Contact us to determine sales tax by State.

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1 Alabama Sale Tax Rate
2 Alaska Sales Tax Rates
3 Arizona Sales Tax Rate
4 Arkansas Sales Tax Rate
5 California Sales Tax Rate
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7 Connecticut Sales Tax Rate
8 Delaware Sales Tax Rate
9 Florida Sales Tax Rate
10 Georgia Sales Tax Rate
11 Hawaii Sales Tax Rate
12 Idaho Sales Tax Rate
13 Illinois Sales Tax Rate
14 Indiana Sales Tax Rate
15 Iowa Sales Tax Rate

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