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Sales Tax Audit Best Practices

In order to bolster their revenue, many states are increasing the scope and number of sales tax audits. There is more pressure on states to close budget gaps, and state revenue departments are looking for more ways to get their revenue streams flowing. With sales tax audits, states can collect additional revenue without putting new laws into place or increasing existing tax rates, and so it’s a popular method for closing budget holes. Because of this, taxpayers are getting more and more sales tax audit.


How Sales Tax Drop Ship Rules Work?

One of the most troubling tax issues for many businesses is the issue of drop shipments. This is often referred to as a third party sale and this type of tax can affect many types of businesses including wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and even the end users. In order to understand how a drop shipment is taxed it is important to understand the logistics of the entire transaction.


Sprint-Nextel faces $300 million alleged tax fraud lawsuit

Sprint-Nextel is facing a lawsuit for USD 300 million brought by the New York attorney general claiming in the third-largest US wireless carrier deliberately failed to pay sales taxes, according to Bloomberg. New York Supreme Court Judge O. Peter Sherwood denied Sprint-Nextel's bid to dismiss the case in a ruling dated 27 June 2013. He ordered lawyers for both sides to appear at a hearing on 24 July 2013. 


Foreign Sellers Advantaged If Sales Tax Bill Passes?

June 5, 2013. Much of the debate surrounding a controversial online sales tax bill that passed the Senate last month has focused on the potential impact on domestic competition between small and large U.S. retailers, online and off, as well as the burden new collection responsibilities would entail for ecommerce companies.


Some lawmakers say they may kill Georgia's income tax next year, but there would be a cost

May 5, 2013. A group of Republican lawmakers in Atlanta wants to do away with Georgia's 6 percent income tax and replace it -- mainly by increasing taxes on sales and services.

State Rep. Tom Kirby, R-Loganville, set the stage for what could be a sweeping change to Georgia's tax system when he introduced the "Fair Taxation Act of 2014" on the final day of the legislative session.


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